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Aangamik DMG 125 mg. 90 tablets

Product Code: Aangamik DMG 125 mg. 90 tablets
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Aangamik DMG for vegetarians is a natural compound that is produced in small quantities in the body. It can be found in plant and animal cells. Studies have shown that DMG (Dimethyl glycine) supports immune system activity, blood vessel health and cardiovascular function. Thanks to its influence on lactic acid, it also supports muscle health, endurance and recovery. Swanson Ultra Aangamik DMG is an original, patented DMG food supplement that has been extensively researched and recommended by practicing natural healers.

What is DMG?
DMG is a methyl donor, meaning it has the ability to transfer the methyl group to another substance. This process, called methylation, is critically important to many aspects of human health and well-being. Aangamik is an original DMG supplement, the action of which is supported by numerous studies. It is a first generation methyl donor. It helps to establish the concept and leads to the development of other food supplements, which are inherently methyl donors. In contrast, Aangamik DMG offers guaranteed stability, provided by the special blister pack that protects the patented degradation formula. This is the only product you can trust to provide you with an efficient methyl donor. Swanson Ultra is the only brand that offers you at an incredible price.

Content in 1 tablet:

Aangamik DMG (N, N-dimethylglycine) - 125 mg.
Dosage: One tablet three times a day, left to dissolve in the mouth.

WARNING: Consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or taking prescription medications.

Do not store in a refrigerator.

Aangamik DMG is a registered trademark of FoodScience Corp.

Packing: 90 tablets.

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